How to get your baby to walk

Just wanted to let the rest of New Haven mamas know that MamaHolly will get your toddler walking in no time at all. The aforementioned Mom was over at my house yesterday and said, "I think that this baby can walk on his own." (My baby boy is 13 months and has been walking holding on to one finger only lately). She then proceeded to pick him up and pointed him towards me. And, amazingly enough, my baby walked for 5 or 6 steps! All on his own. For the first time! I am still stunned.


Blogger newhavenmama said...

and all for the discount price of one delicious mama-cooked mealfor newhavenbaby and I...

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Andy said...

MamaHolly is apparently the "baby walker" as she got my 10 month old son (her nephew) walking over this past weekend. He too was walking holding onto one finger until MamaHolly (or AuntieHolly as he will call her) came to visit. She got him to take a couple of steps between her and I on Saturday, and then Sunday he was walking across the living room and the front yard of his grandmas house. Amazing!

11:38 AM  

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