Swimming/Water Parks in CT?

This mama has a new reason to go swimming with her toddler. I just bought a brand-new Speedo at a bargain price ($49) at the Swimming Outlet in New Haven. Since we do not belong to any sort of a country club/gym/YMCA, we need to explore other less obvious opportunities to exercise the swimsuit. (Also, my kid is pretty excited about water at the moment). I have been searching the Internet, and I found two places nearby: Quassy and Lake Compounce. Both are located on lakes and have swimming. Both are supposed to be old school parks that are baby-friendly. Has anyone been there? Any other swimming opportunities/public pools?


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I have been to quassy, but only on a weekday evening (for a triathlon). It is nice water. I would go back to swim. I am not that interested in amusement parks, so I can't speak to that (it is definitely more Old School), but its in a nice part of the state (on the border of litchfield) and is not too big or crazy.

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I heard that the Yale outdoor center is nice. I can't remember where it is- Lyme? you show Yale ID and pay per carload.

Lighthouse water park is not for swimming but getting wet! Free for NH residents. show car registration.

Last year I went to guilford lake. It was $6 for non residents. But they didn't ask so they charged me only $3.

Also I heard that cheshire has an outdoor pool that is very cool. I think it is on whitney. It winter they cover it and it is in use then too. ( big white dome) Also more $ for non residents.

hmmm maybe I should go to these places!

good luck and I need to get my own self a speedo at Swim outlet! good to know the $ are okay.


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oh also there is a park on humphrey past state ( going away from us) that has a water sprinkler. I 've never been to this park- don't know the vibe but there it is...


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If you are up for a drive out to the country,,go to chatfield hollow in killingworth, off route 80,,between route 79 (madison) and route 81 (clinton)...nice kid friendly lake (sandy bottom, and not a steep angle/drop off, so kids can splash around

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The Cheshire outdoor pool is actually located on Highland Ave., near the High School. Just wanted to clarify....I have not been, yet, though!

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