Hi everyone,

I am the newest contributor to NewHavenBaby.com and would like to say hello to you all.

It's almost term time and I am in the middle of the last frantic few weeks of wrapping up my internship, organizing my move back to New Haven and gearing up for classes.

I am a full time MBA student at Yale and will be entering my 2nd and final year at school this fall. I am also a full-time mommy (and I dare anyone to reduce this shift to part-time!) to an adorable little 1.5 year old boy.

It's been a tricky, crazy year juggling business school and a baby but I've learned to plan my days with military style precision making backup plans and back ups for the backups. In the middle of this juggling act I learnt the art of keeping my kid suitably diverted while I tried to get h.w done, attend a group meeting, take a phone call and make dinner all in one go.

In acquiring suitable distractions for the brat, I became very passionate about toys. I have developed my list of "must haves" and "must nots" in toys and would love to share the lists with you. (note this list is very pertinent for a 1-3 age range)

"Top 5 Must Haves"

View Master (Fisher Price)- old technology, but super fun and inexpensive.
Mega Blocks (Mega Blocks) - we have lots of fun building towers and knocking them down.
Baby Tad (Leap Frog) - plays a bunch of songs and is pretty entertaining.
Big Yellow dump truck (indeterminate make) - my kid rolls it around the house.
Cardboard boxes and dinner spoons - the fun a kid can have with these is incredible.

I will share my "Must not" list the next time and in the interim would love to hear from you about your favorite toys!

Have a great week!

QueeniSreeni. :)


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