Ceratopsian Countdown

Our kids are going to be the only dinosaur fans in America who look at one of those hulking herbivores with horns and bony frill and chirp “Torosaurus!” instead of “Triceratops!” They are, in fact, related but different creatures, and if your kid winds up going through a dinosaur stage, the fine distinctions of frill size and configuration will become meaningful. In the meantime, I’m just glad that soon the anguished anticipation of certain young personnel will be sated… the gorgeous new Torosaurus sculpture at the Peabody is scheduled to be officially unveiled on Saturday at 11:00. Free activities (10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.) on just the right scale for the tot set are promised: digging in sand, tossing beanbags, and so forth. When your little one asks, “But how did they make it?”, forget the confusing poster on the way to the Discovery Room and head straight for the website, where sculptor Michael Anderson talks about the process and a totally cool series of photos shows how it came about.

We may head down Sachem, after we’ve satisfied our Torosaurus yearnings, and cross the street over toward the School of Management, in front of which grow several horse chestnut trees. The little guy and I already had one satisfying little horse-chestnut-hunting expedition in the rain last week; we washed the mud off them at home and spread them on a towel to dry. There’s not really anything constructive to do with them, as far as I can determine (unless you’re interested in promoting a revival of the fading British pastime of conkers), but I still find them irresistible.


Blogger newhavenmama said...

Oh, oh! We've been watching that countdown sign out front all week!!

We'll see you there on Saturday.

7:45 PM  

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