Farewell, Xanadu

Anyone who has whiled away a rainy day in the cozy comfort of Xanadu Family Center in Hamden, trailing little ones from one room full of toys to the next while chatting with mom (or dad) friends, will be as sad as I was to learn that Xanadu has closed its doors for good. I was planning a visit there to check out the new site on Hartford Turnpike when I heard the news from a friend. The Xanadu answering machine message now says, "It's unfortunate that we have had to close due to financial reasons and will not be reopening."

After the big move to the new location this summer, the center had shifted its focus somewhat, downplaying the drop-in lounge aspect and concentrating on upgraded class offerings, child care, and its new preschool component. Before my little guy started preschool, we spent a lot of time at the old site, and made some great mom-and-kid friends there. I liked the flexibility of being able to come once in a while or take a class every week, and the babysitting option was very handy. Xanadu filled a real need... I guess the problem was figuring out how to make it pay. We're sorry to see you go, guys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, NHBaby - saw your comment on daddytypes and decided to re-visit the site.

We too were sad to see Xanadu closing. We've found a "replacement" in Gymboree (only because we twice had to cancel a b-day party and had a credit). While I prefer to support the local business, the little one (15 months) LOVES it there. It is classes only, though - no lounge.


ps - you need a daddies section on your site! :)

10:52 AM  
Blogger newhavenmama said...

Hi Kaz,

Thanks for stopping by. Have eyou tried Little Rascals Gym in Hamden? I've heard good things from friends who go there.

And, a section for daddies? The whole site is for daddies!! What are you looking for; I'm listening. (smile)


9:05 PM  

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