Upping our Tag Sale Karma

We just passed the Bethesda Lutheran church on Whitney St. on our way home from dinner and saw the big yellow signs advertising the Bethesda Nursery School Children's Fair and Tag Sale on Saturday (5/07). We can't wait! Last year,we found our backpack carrier there for $5.
Newhavenbaby was napping during the children's fair last year, but now he is wide awake, running all the time, and practicing for the bean bag toss with all of my socks!

Anyone having, or know of, a good tag sale coming up?


Blogger newhavenmama said...

We just saw another big sign a few blocks farther up Whitney about another tag sale at the Children's school from 10-1.
Yeay! Maybe we'll find that tricycle after all.

12:21 PM  
Blogger newhavenmama said...

Well, we struck out on the trike, but we did get lots of new-to-us puzzles and books!

8:07 PM  
Blogger David B. Lewis said...

My neighborhood is having a block sale May 21, 9-1. It's the block of Whitneyville (Hamden) just west of the Denicola Park playground. Look for Treadwell, Mather, Dawes, and Manor.

8:08 PM  
Blogger David B. Lewis said...

And the same day is the Spring Glen School tag sale (Whitney Ave, just south of Skiff).

2:28 PM  

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