pre-school hijinks

The Yale Child Study Center released a report today that pre-schoolers are getting expelled from school at higher rates than their older classmates.

Should we take this as good news that bad behavior isn't tolerated? Or should we start worrying that once newhavenbaby gets in to that perfect preschool, it may not be long before he's headed out the door?

an excerpt...

Pre–K Students Expelled at More Than Three Times the Rate of K–12 Students

New Haven, Conn.— Pre–K students are expelled at a rate more than three times that of children in grades K–12, according to a primary study by researchers at Yale on the rate of expulsion in prekindergarten programs serving three– and four–year–olds.
Led by Yale Child Study Center researcher Walter S. Gilliam, the study, titled “Pre–kindergartners Left Behind: Expulsion Rates in State Prekindergarten Systems,” is based on data gathered in the National Prekindergarten Study (NPS). [...]

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