Still stuck on blueberries

...and the blueberries will soon be stuck on newhavenbaby, and his clothes, and under his nails and...

We just got our email that the Bishop's Orchard blueberries are ready for picking starting tomorrow (July 19)!!!
The scoop: "Picking hours may change due to availability or weather conditions, so please call our special PYO Info line at 203-458-7425 just before coming.The blueberry season will last until very late August and we expect to be open most days. The price is $1.65 lb when you pick 5 pounds or more. Containers are provided. "

We took newhavenbaby to Lyman Orchards for his birthday last fall to pick apples, and though he wasn't sure about it at the time, he LOVES to look at the pictures from the trip. Maybe this year he will be able to reach the blueberries "all by himself"!

If you are interested, here is a directory of CT PYO farms.

Have fun, and send pictures!


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