Newhavenbaby, et al.

Hamdenbabies, Ansoniababies, WestHavenbabies, Cheshirebabies, NorthHavenbabies: tell your mamas and dadas we need you!!

Newhavenbaby is looking for a few hip stay-out-of-the-house mamas and dadas to become contributing editors on the blog.

you love to write
you love to be the know-it-all of the bunch
you love to be out and about

you may the perfect contributing editor!

This is a great opportunity for people who are interested in pursuing a writing career as you never know who is looking. All it takes is one person in the media to scoop you up as their next feature writer. And if your contributions lead to advertising on the site, we would be thrilled to send a portion of the proceeds in your direction.

To apply, please email us a short bio about yourself during your next available nap-time. We will choose our new contributing editors in the next few weeks.


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