Bye NewHavenBaby! Hello AlmostVancouverKindergartener!

As NewHavenBaby has so quickly become AlmostVancouverKindergartener, I haven't renewed the subscription to the web hosting on the main site. Thanks so much everyone for reading and emailing and supporting NewHavenBaby.com these last few years!  


Blogger Pokolodi said...

New Haven Baby--
I've been talking to many of my New Haven mom friends about starting a new blog that picks up where newhavenbaby.com left off as an homage to your amazing and helpful site. I had no idea that you were blogging until I searched the name on blogspot. So... the New Haven baby moved? Could my mom friend and I possible have your blessing to move forward with our homage to you and begin a blog that picks up where you left off? We miss the site and want other New Haven moms to receive the help and advice that you provided us with.

10:56 AM  

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