Girl's night out

I had a wonderful night out sans newhavenbaby recently. Thanks ladies!

We had a whole theatre to ourselves at the Criterion to see the mid afternoon show--- "Look at Me" was a great movie---and Mel at Pacifico downtown set us up with a swell table by the window.

The service was good and very friendly (although I did get a ice water warm-up to my San Pellegrino), the atmosphere was perfect for our night out, the appetizers were delicious, but my Churrasco a la Parilla was only so-so. It seemed like something that conceptually would have been delicious, but in execution was mediocre. Kind of like the results you get when you are trying to make Chinese-restaurant stir fry at home---a little soggy and the sauce is always a little off. Oh well.

I was thrilled to have a nice dinner out where the only mouth I had to worry about putting a forkful of food in was my own.


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