Orange Street Market

East Rock mamas---this post is for you.

Our daily after-park shopping destination is the Orange Street 'Miracle Mile.' Romeo's is tops for last minute dinner shopping, Nica's we love for pastries and special treats, the convenience store by the park is a little eerie but has a great selection of popsicles. Then there is the Orange Street Grocery starting to nudge its way into a special place in our hearts.

An in-the-know newhavenmama on Cottage St. pointed out that they have the best price on half-gallons of organic milk. With all the milk that goes into newhavenbaby every week, every penny (or quarter in this case) counts. We think the meat case in the back of the store is better than most too. Plus there is something quite comforting in knowing that if you need a plain old can of baked beans, or a bag of crispy, greasy potato chips, or a plastic-wrapped loaf of soft sandwich bread, there's a place to find it on the Orange Street 'Miracle Mile.'

And the tables outside are nice and shady and perfect for stopping and sharing ice cream sandwiches on sunny afternoons.


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