A new coffee hangout: Book Trader Cafe

Newhavenbaby and I have not been to Book Trader Cafe in a while; lately we've been staying within easy (i.e. lazy) strolling distance to home.

But today, I am sitting outside on the patio, tapping in to someone's unsecured wireless connection and drinking an excellent latte with, gasp, whole milk. Newhavenbaby's daddy sent me off today sans newhavenbaby with a $8 book credit, which I will probably spend on a book for newhavenbaby (we've gotten a few of our fave's here: Ten to Tango, Polar bear What do you hear?, Jamberry), so I am enjoying some quiet time while I scope the place out for the inevitable trip back with newhavenbaby in tow. I had forgotten how much we like to come here!

The scoop: indoor and outdoor seating, the patio seems great for a possibly loud and definately curious newhavenbaby---and you can get to it from the sidewalk without having to navigate with the stroller inside, one high chair. Book Trader serves coffee's, muffins, bagels, delicious gingerbread (yum!) and freshly made soups and sandwiches. And although you will have to ditch the stroller to fit through the hallway to the restrooms, there is a changing table waiting for you when you get there.

We have been putting off a trip to one of newhavenbaby's favorite spots nearby: the Yale Art Gallery, because I'm afraid with his new mobility and curiosity he will head right for Duchamp's snow shovel and carry it off an around the gallery. Or try to climb on one of the pillars for a closer look at Caligula's head. Maybe tomorrow...

An added bonus for branching out of my normal stomping grounds is that I got to see some people I don't see very often: Hi Leonardo! (:


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