The Carillons are coming....

This Friday, July 1, marks the first carillon concert of the summer by the Yale University Guild of Carilloners.
Newhavenbaby had a great time last year, and we were hooked after hearing Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain echoing off the walls in Old Campus.

Here's the official scoop:
The 2005 Summer Concert Series begins on July 1 due to the renovation of Harkness Tower and the Yale Memorial Carillon. Please contact the Summer Carillonneurs, Christina Meyer and Tiffany Ng, with inquiries. All concerts begin at 7 PM. They are free and open to the public, and last approximately one hour. Seating is not provided, but audience members are encouraged to bring blankets and lawn chairs to the listening area in the courtyard of Branford College, on High Street between Chapel and Elm. An indoor listening space will be available in the event of rain.

Our modus operendi:
After grabbing a program guide at the official listening spot in the Branford College courtyard, we usually head back outside the courtyard in the grassy area right underneath the tower, so newhavenbaby can run wild without disturbing the more serious carillon listeners. We usually bring lots of treats, inlcuding a bottle of wine for us and a sippycup of milk for newhavenbaby. Or if we laze away our Friday afternoons, we stock up at Gourmet Heaven or Au Bon Pain on Broadway and head over. Newhavenbaby inevitably ends up staying out a little later than usual, but we bring his pjs for the walk home. When we're lucky he is asleep in the stroller by the time we get back.

We hope you like it too. Stop by and say hi. We're the ones with the toddler who is up past his bedtime.


Anonymous Yale University Guild of Carillonneurs said...

Unfortunately, the summer series has been cancelled for July due to unanticipated requirements in the renovation process. The Yale Guild hopes to offer concerts in August. There is now a summer mailing list if you're interested in receiving updates about those possible concerts.

9:12 PM  

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