In search of Art

We finally made it to the Yale Art Gallery this summer...it had been too long. We hit the British Art Center first, but the 'animal room" was being cleaned and the top two floors were undergoing some renovations, and newhavenbaby and his friend were not excited at all about the naval portraits.
The Yale Art Gallery was fun, but our favorite red Calder mobile in the American galleries upstairs had been taken down, and Duchamp's snow shovel was apparently back in storage.

Not to be completely outdone with our carefully arranged field trip, we decided to take advantage of the summer weather and visit some outside sculptures nearby. Newhavenbaby was facinated with Calder's Gallows and Lollipops in Beinecke plaza. We'll be heading back to the museums once the fall weather drives us back inside and the summer renovations are over.

BTW, the BAC and the Sterling Library/Cross Campus ladies rooms both have nice quiet sofas for calming or nursing your newhavenbaby. (:


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