Haircuts and Tootsie pops

Newhavenbaby had a grand time last week getting his hair cut again at Phil's Hair Styles on Wall St.

The first hair cut was a few months ago. That wasn't all that pleasant for either of us, but newhavenbaby was more than thrilled to receive his first chocolate tootsie pop 3 snips, 4 howls, 7 dollars and 25 teardrops later. I must admit, I was a little horrified at the wisdom of letting newhavenbaby have this new super-sugary treat, but....

This time, 4 months later, when I took him back for a trim before his grandparents came to visit, they were out of lollipops. Apparently, in newhavenbaby's superb recollective memory hair cut had already become equivalent to lollipop. Newhavenbaby's own words "no lollipop, no haircut." So we went home.

His dad took him back the next day with a back-up tootsie pop from the Taft drugstore. Newhavenbaby was again not thrilled with the whole procedure until the lollipop appeared. Now, he has been asking to go back for a hair cut almost every day since!

AND he looks so cute with his little boy cut.

Phil's hair styles is at 82 Wall St. We heard a rumor that the barbers there have cut the locks of more than one former president. Maybe more than one future president too?


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