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I learned about a new restaurant in Woodbridge the other day called The Fan. Alison sent me an email about it (Thanks A.! It's nice to meet you!), and we are excited to try it.

Alison's review: "The Fan is great for kids: they have some kind of game always playing on their flat screen TVs and highchairs, booth and table seating, crayons with coloring books, a toy with all the kids meals and a decent kids menu, that you don't have to ask for! My 2 year old son loves going there! They also bring nacho chips to the table for everyone with house-made salsa that's the best I've ever had (we get sour cream for my son though!) And a somewhat secluded area for parties, etc. They also pop fresh popcorn for the "bar," but because you can smell it in the dining room, I've asked for some and they're always very generous with giving us a basket! The food is good, I don't see a lot of little kids there, but a lot of people I know seem to leave the kids home when they go to a typical "sports bar." Unless you're sitting in the bar, it is very kid friendly!!!! And so is the help!
Their desserts are house made as well and some are pretty darn good and HUGE~such as the ice cream sandwich with homemade chocolate chip cookies! It's big enough that 4 people can eat it!"

What I think newhavenbaby will be most excited about is the "build it yourself sundaes."

And while I was searching for the restaurant online, I found this: a $25 gift certificate for $10. Anyone tried these from Amazon?

The Fan is located at 12 Selden Street in Woodbridge.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved The Fan! The waitresses were all beautiful and attentive, the food was excellent, and the atmosphere is great! With the huge flat screen tvs and the awesome drink specials, I never wanted to leave!

10:14 PM  

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