Dog (and Cat) Days at the Peabody

We had a lot of fun this morning at the Peabody's Dog and Cat day events. The highlight was the sheep herding demonstration on the lawn---the sheep kept getting tangled up in the plastic fencing during the demonstration, which is apparently very exciting to an almost two year old.

Inside we met Handsome Dan, and newhavenbaby practiced his bulldog pout, and we made tiger masks which he didn't understand how to use at all. Newhavenbaby was thrilled to get his hands on some child-sized (and blunt-tipped!) scissors. There was also a table to make feathery cat toys, and several games to play.

The music "freestyle" was going on when we left---a little bit strange in this bloggers opinion---with a woman dressed in red, white, and blue polyester dancing to a disco song with her dog, who kept trying to run away.

The Dog Day event continues tomorrow (Sunday) from 12-4.
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