Yale Moms-to-be in the NYT

I was intrigued by the headline from this article in the NYT when I saw it from the busy (me, C, little C, and newhavenbaby vying for space) window seat at Lulu's. A gentleman sitting outside was reading it, but the fog from our baited breath on the windowpane blocked us from reading the small print. And, of course, newhavenbaby was getting restless.

The great thing about being a girl these days is that you can make your choices the way you want to make them. Our mamas and their mamas have worked hard and opened the doors to let us to decide what our priorities will be, instead of letting those awful, terrible societal pressures decide for us. Thanks ladies!

Next thing you know, Future Homemakers of America will see a revival of college chapters and more ivy league colleges will start issuing Masters degrees in Home Ec (they existed, really! My mom has one.).

Many Women at Elite Colleges Set Career Path to Motherhood [daddytypes.com]


Blogger QueeniSreeni said...

Hi there,

This particular article caused a furor at the professional schools because of its decided slant towards the wealthy who *can* afford to stay home.

Unfortunately the respondents were self selected and who knows what the slant was in the original screening questions.

In addition, the article does a great disservice to the women who pursue careers to contribute to society in ways other than raising children. As it does disservice to men who stay home to raise children.
Additionally, Ms. Story never tried to substantiate whether kids who are raised by working parents are different or worse than kids with stay at home moms.
Finally, I agree with choice for women and men, but this article doesn't really do that. Instead, it re-inforces the idea that its a waste of time to send women to college as they will end up chosing a home life anyway - the proverbial glass ceiling that faces women everyday. Also, it reinforces the social stigmatism that men would face if they decided to stay at home to raise kids.

7:38 AM  
Blogger newhavenmama said...

Queenisreeni, I like that we had different perspectives on this one. Though I must say, my perspective is decidedly slanted by the fact that I have a MA degree and that my current priority is spending as much time as possible with my son.

I was actually quite tickled that this would actually be newsworthy (albeit the Style section) information. Educated women making the choice to stay home with their kids seems to hardly be something that should be surprising.

It does seem a little hasty to interpret the article as even suggesting that women shouldn't go to college because they are just going to stay home and raise babies. The goal of an education is often more personal than career-oriented, and a degree would hardly be wasted if not put to use directly in a job market.

Anyway, I am looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts.

9:06 PM  
Blogger dina said...

I think that the choice is not always so stark. Lots of educated women stay home for a few years and then go back to work. Also, some Moms do freelance work at home, etc. My mother-in-law stayed at home until her three boys started school. She got her PhD when she was in her fifties. Her work is an important aspect of her life. Kids grow up, and an education is an important investment for boys and girls.

12:18 PM  

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