Duck soup? I'll trust you on this one.

At a baby-centric cocktail party recently, L. shared a find in Hamden to add to our list: Duck Soup Cafe . She liked the little low counter with crayons and toys where kids could sit and eat and play.

My plan was to try to get there before I posted about it, as it is on the way to Sleeping Giant State Park and Brooksvale Park in Hamden--both places I have been planning on taking newhavenbaby this fall. Since L.'s little boy is very frequently sporting the same shoes as newhavenbaby, I know she has good taste, and I'm posting it now in hopes that we will get there soon.

Duck Soup is located at 3584 Whitney Ave., Hamden, CT.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll second that recommendation. Duck Soup has great vegetarian/vegan food (the cookies are awesome, too!).

The kid has eaten there a few times now. While she's too young (15 months) for the crayons and to be trusted to not put the toys in her mouth, he loves looking at all the pictures of the animals on the wall.


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