Nice to meet you!

I was fortunate to have a really nice conversation with a interesting, delightful and successful journalist and newhavenmama (now newhavengrandmama!) yesterday. Sandi Kahn Shelton called to write an article about newhavenbaby.com for the New Haven Register (check us out next Monday! Newhavenbaby and I also had a lot of fun getting our pictures taken for the article).

In addition to writing for the NHR, Sandi's "Wit's End" column appears in Working Woman and excepts have been collected into several books. I must say, her observations about life with kids really have me giggling.

I was also excited to find a new novel to add to my ever-growing reading list, What Comes After Crazy? Especially one that takes place New Haven!

And Sandi, if you are reading this, please do stop by when you are in the neighborhood...


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