Halloween starts tomorrow...

On Thursday (10/27), the city of New Haven celebrates with the mayor's Halloween Parade. Newhavenkids will be dressing up as their favorite literary characters to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the New Haven Book Bowl, a reading incentive program. We missed the parade last year, but saw all the buses parked downtown and the costumed newhavenkids climbing back in.
What a cool idea to have everyone dress as literary characters. That's a party I wouldn't mind having an invitation to...

The parade starts at 10:30am on "marching from the corner of Temple and
Chapel Streets, up Chapel to High Street to Elm Street and back
to Temple. There will also be ten school bands joining in to keep
the beat."
More info? 946-7821 or infonewhaven.com


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, i have a q.... can i have a list of costumes? thanx

12:46 AM  

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