Rain,rain, go AWAY

...because we have been cooped up in this house way too long.

Supposing it may stop raining tomorrow, East Rock Park is having a fall festival from 11am-3pm with crafts for kids. It is geared toward school-aged kids; I would guess that activities could be toddler friendly with parent supervision. It sounds like a lot of it may be indoors, but make sure to call ahead before you set out tomorrow.

"The East Rock Fall Festival consists of arts and crafts activities at College Woods (at the pavilion and the ranger station) - including pumpkin painting, button making, and beading projects. New Haven's portable climbing wall will be here in College Woods as well. There was also supposed to be a Canoe New Haven component in the Mill River, but due to the heavy rain and the river at flood stage, the canoeing has been cancelled. I believe there is a tractor drawn hayride scheduled for the summit, and the Trowbridge Center will be open for visitors."

The Trowbridge Nature Center is open most Thursdays and Fridays. Newhavenbaby had a great time decorating a fall leaf for the wall decoration last week. There were hawks on display, as well as live fish, turtles and a snake (or two?) to look at. Newhavenbaby's favorite activity, however, was getting little cups of water from the water cooler.

Contact info:
Tom Parlapiano, Naturalist
Trowbridge Environmental Center
East Rock Park


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