Oh Moka, how I crave thee...

Newhavenbaby and I stopped by Moka recently to get our afternoon chocolate fix. We had been planning (and dreaming of chocolate) for months, but that downtown construction on Orange St. makes me a little crazy. That said, we finally chose a day with some extra time to drive around the block a few times. And, oh, the chocolate...

We shared a Portlander crepe for lunch, and we (yes, we) sipped on an iced Azteca chocolate. The Portlander was fabulous, the service was good, and the Azteca chocolate was an interesting surprise. I imagined a mexican-named chocolate drink described as spicy to have that scrumptious cinnamony, dark-chocolaty flavor and ended up with red pepper swirling around in my cup. Not the best choice for sharing sips with newhavenbaby in my opinion, but he loved it just the same.

The scoop: order at the counter, and a server brings your order to you when it is ready. Baby-friendly service seems to be a high priority, and the server cheerfully brought an extra plate (and lots o'napkins) for newhavenbaby to share my lunch. There is a high-chair stashed behind the counter, just ask if it is not offered to you. There are also several comfy couches to sink into. We chose a table by the window, and newhavenbaby played with his matchbox cars while he watched the real cars whiz by. Stroller-rating is an A+, and the unisex bathroom is easily accessible.

I also heard a very reliable rumor that it is a nice toddler-friendly place to hang-out in the quiet afternoons after the lunch rush. Make sure to get on the email list for weekly "333" specials (3 hours starting at 3 o'clock: a special drink and a ‘treat’ for $3.00 with a copy of the email from that week). Email mokanewhaven@yahoo.com, and tell Duncan that newhavenbaby sent you.

Moka is located at 144 Orange St (on the one-way between Elm and Chapel), New Haven, CT 06510. Phone is 203-752-0052.


Anonymous jen said...

I agree: Moka is a great place when its not too busy. The staff are very friendly.

2:06 PM  

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