Story hour at Atticus

I just found out about their weekly story hour for kids (3 and up): Saturdays at 11am. This weekend's line-up includes Saint George and the Dragon (Margaret Hodges), George Shrinks (William Joyce) and Sheila Ray the Brave(Kevin Henkes).

This Sunday (10/30, 11am) there is also a special Halloween Story Time: Trick or Treat (Bill Martin), Cinderhazel(Deborah Norse Lattimore), and There's a Nightmare in my Closet(Mercer Mayer0.

Atticus is located right across from the Yale Art Gallery, on that strip of Chapel where I always feel underdressed . The children's books there are really well selected: from our favorite Bill Martin and Eric Carle to Curious George to a latin translation of the Cat in the Hat (Cattus Petasasus).

Twice this week, we have ridden a loop around downtown on the trolley with a stop there to share a bowl of black bean soup (which comes with a generous portion of their famous ciabatta bread), and I just now realized that I have yet to post my Atticus review on the eat page, so here it is:

Atticus has take-out service at the counter, or table service inside. There is one high-chair, but there is also enough space to pull up a stroller by some of the tables. The unisex bathroom has a changing table (which, incidentally, seems to be mounted higher on the wall than most. I guess it would be nice for a tall newhavenbaby's daddy?).
Stroller-rating: easy enough if you go in the middle door. Avoid the door by the coffee counter, unless you are only getting coffee / take-out. The tables on that side of the restaurant are pretty close, and it does get crowded. The children's section and the contemporary fiction are at street level.

Atticus is located at 1082 Chapel St. Phone number is (203) 776-4040.


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