Fuel-ed Up

Lately, we've fallen into a nice rhythm of familiar places, but all the tables at our #1 coffee spot were full this morning, we thought it might be nice to try something new.

Into the car and to Wooster Square we went for coffee at Fuel. We opened the door to find a couchful of baby-to-be knitters, so this may turn into a baby hangout yet. (: We'll have to sneak some Dr. Suess on to the reading shelf next to e.e. cummings next time we stop by.
Our Cafe Au Lait (not on the menu, but happily accomodated) was delicious, and newhavenbaby and I shared a chewy, perfectly-toasted Everything bagel with fluffy cream cheese. Just what we wanted. The barrista flirted with newhavenbaby, and he insisted(!) on presenting her with a green construction paper St. Patrick's day heart in appreciation.

The scoop:
Easy street parking. Even easier stroller access after a walk through Wooster square across the street. There is space between tables, and there was lots of room to manuever and stash a stroller. I didn't see a highchair. Unisex bathroom is up about 5 stairs, and no changing table.

FUEL is located at 516 Chapel St., New Haven, CT. Phone is (203)772-0263. Current hours are early morning to 2:30pm.


St Patty's Day, already?

I just realized that the New Haven St. Patty's Day parade is coming up in less than a week---March 11th.
We've taken newhavenbaby for the last two years---both cold, blustery days---to see the firetrucks, drums, fifes, bagpipes, and revolutionary war reinactors(?).

The scoop:
A whole lot of semi-drunk, but super-friendly, observers. Get downtown early to get a good spot on the curb. And expect to wind that stroller through some crowds, and around some folding table bar set-ups along the parade route. The parade begins at 1:30 "sharp."