Wendy Wasserstein

I was very sad to read about the death of Wendy Wasserstein, a Pulitzer-prize winning playwright. She was only 55 years old and leaves behind a small daughter. She was a single Mom and wrote about her pregnancy and the premature birth of her daughter in "Shiksa Goddess."


"Learn" to "Read" and "Learn"

I missed Read. So, it's back.

Learn is Learn and Read is Read.

I realized how often I use the Read links to the libraries nearby. I really missed those.


Art Class!!!

The inspiration for our recent "Guide to Infant and Toddler Enlightenment" is newhavenbaby's participation in his very first class: New Explorers at the Creative Arts Workshop.

I don't know who enjoyed our first class more: him or me?? We were happy to see a familiar face in the class, one of newhavenbaby's neighborhood friends.

The scoop: the class takes place in a kid-sized studio: kid-size tables, chairs, easels, cubbies, you-name-it. The class is set up so that the students can choose from several activities over the course of the hour. The paints and easels are always available (newhavenbaby was thrilled to see these!), then there are collaborative and individual projects led by the instructor. I was amazed at the supplies available in the art studio for the kids.

Our first class project was to mix up sparkly snow dough together, and then we each got a big lump to roll, shape, cut, and decorate. Newhavenbaby and I rolled and cut out these cookies when we got home with out bag o-dough and "cooked" them for a few days in his play kitchen.

We can't wait to see this week's project!


"Read" to "Learn"

I just switched the "Read" page on newhavenbaby.com to a "Learn" page.
Why? Well, frankly because I liked Betsy Branch's article on local preschools so much I couldn't bear to take it down---so I created a spot for it.

The read links are still there, including links to local libraries and books we love.

My next project: adding all the restaurant reviews to the eat page. I have sooooo many that I have been putting off the update. And if you have any favorite restaurants that aren't on there, please let me know!!


Generation Pad Thai

As Pad Thai is newhavenbaby's favorite treat, I laughed to see today's installation of NYT recent series of modern parenting articles: Generation Pad Thai. It really amazes me to think of all the different types of food that newhavenbaby has had in his short two years that I didn't have until I was in college (or after!).

On his list of other favorites:
Chicken Curry from anywhere (Thai Taste is the current favorite)
Goat Kadai from Swagat
Bagels at Lulu's (how could I leave this one off the list)
Sushi from Jerry-san's
'Spicy Shrimp' and Dim Sum from the York St. Noodle House. Which reminds me, we loved the new York St. Noodle House. But if you go, don't invite any friends, as there is only one high chair.

And I'm not sure how to interpret the NYT reporter's assumption at the beginning of the article that the farmhouse cheese was for the parents and the cocoa puffs for the kids. In our house, chances are that the fancy, healthy cheese is for newhavenbaby, and the sweet, sugary snack is for us!

[thanks daddytypes for the link]


Everybody's favorite monkey

Saturday's Barnes and Noble / Yale Bookstore noon story hour is newhavenbaby's favorite monkey: Curious George. We heard a rumor that Curious George himself is going to be at the Yale Bookstore story hour tomorrow, but we weren't able to confirm it with his agent. We hope it's true, because we are waiting to leave on our trip to see newhavenbaby's cousin until AFTER the story hour (technically, we are headed downtown with suitcases packed in the trunk).

The scoop: Noon, lower level in the Children's section. "Come to a Curiously Great Party to celebrate reading and learning through stories and games featuring everyone's favorite monkey (and soon-to-be movie star), Curious George. Refreshments served."

Hope to see you there.

And in the meantime, there's a trailer for the movie due out next month at curiousgeorge.com


Preschool Update

If you're interested in the possibility of sending your little one to The Children's Preschool next year, plan to attend their annual Open House this Saturday, January 7, between 9:00 and noon. Bring your little one -- the kids get to play, while the moms and dads get to talk both to teachers and to current parents, ask lots of questions, & check the place out. They're located at 608 Whitney Avenue in New Haven (near intersection with Highland), in a converted carriage house behind the Unitarian church there (itself housed in a big old house). Call 777-2491 if you have questions.