Where is that button?

Well, newhavenbaby has run off with the left-click mouse button on the laptop, which has also some how caused the space-bar to get finicky.
That's my apology for not being around much lately.

Fear not though, the calendar is still updated daily, and my new mouse button (I love Ebay!) should be arriving any day....today? please?


Introducing Linda

I am thrilled to introduce a contributing blogger to the site, Linda. Linda is a postpartum doula in the New Haven area. We thought we’d ask her a few questions.

Linda, until our conversation, I did not understand the difference between a labor doula, and a postpartum doula. Can you explain?
Thank you for inquiring on information about doulas. A doula is a very special person who is much needed in today’s world. As family’s move farther apart from each other, the immediate support system is lost. A doula can fill that void in a woman’s life when there is no mother, sister, aunt or close friend nearby to help during this stressful period of her life, labor and the postpartum period.
There are three types of doulas:
An antipartum doula helps women who may have a high risk pregnancy and she has been put on bed rest for an extended period of time. She may need care for herself or help with other children.
A labor doula assists a woman in labor, along with her partner, to help make sure all her plans for birth are followed through. She stays with the woman during labor only. She provides much needed support and communication between the woman in labor, her partner and her doctor or midwife.
A postpartum doula cares for the new mother and her newborn baby. She provides emotional, physical and educational support. She helps with breastfeeding, care for the newborn and siblings, helps with cooking, and may do light housekeeping and laundry. A postpartum doula may help with errands, doctor visits or food shopping for the family.

This seems like a very rewarding career. How did you get started?
I was looking for a part time job, about 5 years ago, to fill in some time during my slow season. A local company was looking for a doula, and I thought that was perfect for me. I am a mother of four, 3 boys and a girl, and motherhood came very naturally to me. I am a very nurturing and maternal person. I was always the one to help others with their questions on breastfeeding, childrearing, discipline, schools, whatever. I had fabulous pregnancies, great breastfeeding experiences and no problems with infants sleeping or feeding schedules. I wanted to share all my knowledge with other new moms. I saw how hard this time is for some woman. They have no help, they may never have even held an infant, and some women develop breast infections. Women who have had caesarean births need the most help as they are limited in their movements for some time. This was definitely an ideal situation for me.

What is the most important thing that you do to help a new mom?
A new mom is so fragile in her emotions and decisions. She is unsure of many things, and wants the best for her newborn. Listening is so important and I learn so much about the needs of each new mom, as they differ greatly. I am very adamant about a new mother’s health and well being. She can not care for her baby if she does not heal quickly herself. Her physical and psychological well being needs nurturing at all times. Support is a huge part of being a postpartum doula, and the most important.

Thanks Linda! We truly look forward to hearing more from you.


pre-school hijinks

The Yale Child Study Center released a report today that pre-schoolers are getting expelled from school at higher rates than their older classmates.

Should we take this as good news that bad behavior isn't tolerated? Or should we start worrying that once newhavenbaby gets in to that perfect preschool, it may not be long before he's headed out the door?

an excerpt...

Pre–K Students Expelled at More Than Three Times the Rate of K–12 Students

New Haven, Conn.— Pre–K students are expelled at a rate more than three times that of children in grades K–12, according to a primary study by researchers at Yale on the rate of expulsion in prekindergarten programs serving three– and four–year–olds.
Led by Yale Child Study Center researcher Walter S. Gilliam, the study, titled “Pre–kindergartners Left Behind: Expulsion Rates in State Prekindergarten Systems,” is based on data gathered in the National Prekindergarten Study (NPS). [...]

read the full article


Read, read, read

We just updated our read page with newhavenbaby's favorite picture books. Here's his current fave, in his words, "Max!"

And speaking of Max, a different Max stars in Max Found Two Sticks, read and performed this weekend as part of the CT Children's Museum Saturdays at 2 program.


Yale MBA mamas in the news

I came across this article, on bloggingbaby and realized it mentioned a local mama. We just wanted to say "keep on truckin', Radha!"

Business Schools' Learning Curve on Parenting
As more mothers go for their MBAs, they're pushing colleges to be more supportive of their needs -- with gradual results.
When Radha Shreeniwas decided to get her MBA at Yale School of Management in New Haven, Conn., last summer, her son was less than a year old.

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Shopping time...

Mother's day has been good to me all ready this year.

So I am going shopping for clothes! Gap has just started a big spring sale too [Gap - Women's SALE]. I'm thinking about a trip to the Outlets next week.

It's strange, but it seems like all the newhavenmamas I know complain about needing new clothes because her pants are falling off her hips, not because she can't button them over her belly. Maybe it's from all this walking to quiet reticent nappers, I don't know.

What to get, what to get...

The weekend...

There seems to be a lot going on this weekend. After this loooonnngggg winter inside, there are so many choices all of a sudden!!

We are hoping for a early nap (after Children's fair exhaustion) and a sunny afternoon Saturday for the ArtWalk in Westville. See ya'll there!


Monday Morning

Monday mornings are always a tough call.

The library downtown opens at noon, the art museums are closed, the East Rock park trash containers are overflowing with weekend juice boxes. Newhavenbaby is no longer content to hang out and drink coffee at Lulu's (our previous Monday favorite spot) without making sure everyone there knows he is there too.

Maybe the Peabody? No coffee for mama there, though...


Upping our Tag Sale Karma

We just passed the Bethesda Lutheran church on Whitney St. on our way home from dinner and saw the big yellow signs advertising the Bethesda Nursery School Children's Fair and Tag Sale on Saturday (5/07). We can't wait! Last year,we found our backpack carrier there for $5.
Newhavenbaby was napping during the children's fair last year, but now he is wide awake, running all the time, and practicing for the bean bag toss with all of my socks!

Anyone having, or know of, a good tag sale coming up?