Newhavenbaby.com turns three.

Especially since this upcoming month also marks newhavenbaby.com's third anniversary.  I'm not blogging much anymore: my time is now spent with certain a newhavenpreschooler and a bunch of universityofnewhavenyoungadults, but the calendar and playgroups are updated, and I love to post events and ideas on the blog if you send them my way.

More news:
The talk forum will soon be replaced by a Yahoo group. Original newhavenbaby fans might remember it. The current talk forum is being besieged by spam, which makes me nervous, so I will be transferring the infomation back over. I'll post more information (and a link) as I have it.

And who is Kack?
Well....newhavenbaby himself, although not named Kack by his loving parents, has decided that he prefers and, quite strongly, insists on being introduced as Kack. Guess who gets to be called Mrs. Mallard?


Looking for newhavenbaby.com

So the web site...
apparently el cheapo domain registrar, registerfly.com, I use is in hiding, and newhavenbaby.com is in limbo somewhere while everything is sorted out.
You can read about it here: www.registerflies.com.