Good Karma

So I got a terrible haircut on Friday...technically, it was a very well executed haircut; emotionally, it wreaked havoc. I looked like a politician, instead of the hip mama I hope to be.

Today, I'm feeling better as I just got back from Karma to have my haircut touched up. I called this morning and spoke to Cheryl, the owner, who graciously finangled her schedule to squeeze me in 2 hours later. I took newhavenbaby with me, so I packed a bag full of anything and everything I could find that might hold his interest for 2 seconds.

Karma is a funky little salon in the lobby of the beautiful Taft building downtown. The chairs are old barber chairs, the music is hot, and I didn't imagine babies would be, well, welcome. But, as soon as we walked in Matt, the salon coordinator, offered to show a movie (Shrek, who newhavenbaby recognized from his box of Cheerios) which is the rarest of treats for newhavenbaby. Matt even sat down between appointment calls and kept newhavenbaby company on the sofa for the 15 minutes or so it took to unfrumpify my hair (thank you, Cheryl!!!).

I wouldn't say I would recommend bringing a baby with you to Karma(why should you---you deserve a little pampering by yourself!), but I would recommend the excellent treatment I received. So nice!

Karma is located at 263 College Street, New Haven. Phone is (203) 777-6333. Just tell Matt that newhavenbaby sent you. (:


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