Places to Go, Things to See

One good turn deserves another, and as I just discovered a peak in traffic due to some new links from the Yale Child Study Center sponsored Web site: parentsfirst.net, I thought I'd send a link back.

One of our favorite places for ideas on snowy and rainy days is the "places to go, things to see" link on the parentsfirst site. Categories include: Explore!, Airplanes, Orchards, Tricycles, Art, Measuring...should I go on? In fact, I found the trolley museum for newhavenbaby's birthday ride by clicking on Trucks, Trolleys, Trains and Transportation. Almost all of the activites listed are things you can do at home or nearby.

The other place I love to lurk for ideas when the park is too wet, cold, or windy is
Enchanted Learning (thanks to newhavenbaby's grandma for the link!). Don't click on the link unless you have a lot of time on your hands.

Oh, and a new favorite for online learning: Starfall is a homeschooling resource. It is more for older kids, but newhavenbaby thinks he can read and I don't want to tell him any differently!
Fisher-price has some neat and educational baby/toddler games as well. Newhavenbaby's current favorite is 'Shapes'.


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