Celebrate the season---Achoo!

Apparently, my immune system hasn't been pushed to its max in the last few years, because this Fall, between taking a toddler everywhere in creation and handling essays from 2 classes of college freshman, I seem to be catching every cold in the city. UGH!!

I had to pass up a invitation from a colleague to take newhavenbaby back to the Shore Line Trolley museum on Saturday. The scoop: "Santa is on the Trolley on December 3, 4, 10, 11, 17 and 18. Your fare is good on all streetcars for the entire day. Cars run frequently throughout the day. The first car of the day departs at 10:30AM. Last car departs at 4:30PM. The museum grounds are open 1/2 hour prior to the first car and 1/2 hour after the last car. " See our blog post for more scoop about the trolley museum.

And, we have it on our calendar, but haven't seen it yet: the Fantasy of Lights at Lighthouse Point Park. As a been-there-done-that Dad described it: it's a "Safari of lights" that's well worth going to (thanks, Tad!) . The scoop: no stroller needed, as you see all the lights from the comfort of the family roadster. Cost is $10/car and proceeds go to Easter Seals Goodwill of CT. I think it would be an excellent place to drive a teeny tiny fussy baby after dinner to get him to go to sleep while you and newhavenspouse enjoyed some quiet time out of the house. (:

We hung out downtown for dinner on Thursday night last week (for Pad Thai at Thai Taste--yum!) and were really impressed with how festive the downtown was. There were hundreds of luminaries lighting up the shadowy side of the Green, Santa Claus was on the corner waving to cars, and shops were open and busy. We had a lot of fun, and the Green looked beautiful.


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