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Yale has just announced some hefty (and impressive!) new initiatives in regards to child-care on and near campus, including a new center, expansion of the child-care centers in the area " to provide services that address the unique needs and schedules of Yale families," financial support for a campus cooperative child-care center, scholarship assistance at Yale-affiliated programs, and (my favorite!) expanded informational resources. Does this include acquiring or supporting a hip and snazzy dot-com site that parents in new haven are already familiar with?

Today's Yale Daily News also included an article about Yale participating in a program with Columbia University to help married professors find positions for their professorial spouses within commuting distance.

Did I already say 'impressive?'
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Anonymous Kaz said...

I know there was some concern a while back about Yale's decision to use Bright Horizons for a new daycare center.

There was an interesting article about it here:


Reading through this release, it sounds as if Yale has decided to address some of the concerns, which is nice to see.

Now, if only my company had as comprehensive a plan.

2:16 PM  

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