Holiday lights (before dinner)

Tomorrow is the annual New Haven Holiday Tree Lighting extravaganza. And, if you go, go early.
We showed up about 6 last year---just in time to catch the tail end of a spirited children's singing performance and then relative empty darkness. I wasn't exactly comfortable.
The scoop from last year:
Santa hung out in a decorated mobile 'porch' thing. There was a pretty long line, and I was hesitant to plop newhavenbaby on some old man's lap on the Green so we skipped it. There was a small 'ride' thing set up where your (non-baby) kid could hop on a mechanical polar-bear-on-roller-skates contraption and go around in a circle a bunch of times.

If I wasn't teaching tomorrow night, I'd be going again with my camera ready. But, I'd be sure to get there at 4 or 4:30---and I'd force DH to escort us this time instead of meeting him on campus after we had our fill of Christmas lights.


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