Art Class!!!

The inspiration for our recent "Guide to Infant and Toddler Enlightenment" is newhavenbaby's participation in his very first class: New Explorers at the Creative Arts Workshop.

I don't know who enjoyed our first class more: him or me?? We were happy to see a familiar face in the class, one of newhavenbaby's neighborhood friends.

The scoop: the class takes place in a kid-sized studio: kid-size tables, chairs, easels, cubbies, you-name-it. The class is set up so that the students can choose from several activities over the course of the hour. The paints and easels are always available (newhavenbaby was thrilled to see these!), then there are collaborative and individual projects led by the instructor. I was amazed at the supplies available in the art studio for the kids.

Our first class project was to mix up sparkly snow dough together, and then we each got a big lump to roll, shape, cut, and decorate. Newhavenbaby and I rolled and cut out these cookies when we got home with out bag o-dough and "cooked" them for a few days in his play kitchen.

We can't wait to see this week's project!


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