Everybody's favorite monkey

Saturday's Barnes and Noble / Yale Bookstore noon story hour is newhavenbaby's favorite monkey: Curious George. We heard a rumor that Curious George himself is going to be at the Yale Bookstore story hour tomorrow, but we weren't able to confirm it with his agent. We hope it's true, because we are waiting to leave on our trip to see newhavenbaby's cousin until AFTER the story hour (technically, we are headed downtown with suitcases packed in the trunk).

The scoop: Noon, lower level in the Children's section. "Come to a Curiously Great Party to celebrate reading and learning through stories and games featuring everyone's favorite monkey (and soon-to-be movie star), Curious George. Refreshments served."

Hope to see you there.

And in the meantime, there's a trailer for the movie due out next month at curiousgeorge.com


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