Generation Pad Thai

As Pad Thai is newhavenbaby's favorite treat, I laughed to see today's installation of NYT recent series of modern parenting articles: Generation Pad Thai. It really amazes me to think of all the different types of food that newhavenbaby has had in his short two years that I didn't have until I was in college (or after!).

On his list of other favorites:
Chicken Curry from anywhere (Thai Taste is the current favorite)
Goat Kadai from Swagat
Bagels at Lulu's (how could I leave this one off the list)
Sushi from Jerry-san's
'Spicy Shrimp' and Dim Sum from the York St. Noodle House. Which reminds me, we loved the new York St. Noodle House. But if you go, don't invite any friends, as there is only one high chair.

And I'm not sure how to interpret the NYT reporter's assumption at the beginning of the article that the farmhouse cheese was for the parents and the cocoa puffs for the kids. In our house, chances are that the fancy, healthy cheese is for newhavenbaby, and the sweet, sugary snack is for us!

[thanks daddytypes for the link]


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